May 19, 2006

Going Home

Finally, after 3 grueling months in Japan, I'm going home. I'll be leaving Narita Airport at 10.30 am tomorrow. I can't wait.

There are so many things I wish to do when I'm home. Exercise, affordable shopping, movies, catch up with old friends, etc. But one thing at a time, yeah? Firstly, I need to get my ass to Ueno this afternoon (half day at the office for me. Yay!), get my last minute souvenir-shopping done, and then I'm off to Narita early the next day. And after that, we'll just see how things go.

I can't even think properly now. I'm so excited!

May 08, 2006

Hell Hath No Fury ...

Shoot the bugger

... like a woman scorned.

I'm Back

It's been a long break. And time really crawls when you have nothing planned for a 10-day "forced" break. The only time I left Takasaki was last Wednesday, when I went to Asakusa with a few friends. It was only a day trip, but it was certainly more fun than staying at home.

Asakusa (Kaminarimon)

Other than that, it was Takasaki Station, IT Plaza, wee bit of shopping, and home. Oh yeah, had a blast sleeping over at my friend's place too (actually she just lives a few doors away from me, but what the heck, it was more fun doing a DVD-marathon of X-Files reruns with a girlfriend anyways). Man, she sure whips a mean nasi goreng *grin*.

You know what the sad thing is? I'm actually glad to be back at the office. More for the free Internet access than anything else, really. My mind's too saturated with thoughts of going home to be able to concentrate on work.

One more weekend, and I'm home. Counting down the days ... ticketty tock.