February 29, 2008

Yummy Bruschetta

A good thing about this break I'm having from work (still looking for one, okay? OKAY?!) is that I have all this time to do the stuff I like, and also to expand my limited cooking skills.

So today, I thought I'd make my favourite snack for lunch - bruschetta.


Absolutely yummy, and so easy to make. Got the recipe online, modified it a little to suit my taste. Man, for so little ingredients, the restaurants sure overcharge the snack, huh?

French stick loaf
Firm ripe tomatoes (1 or 2, depending on the number of servings)
Red onion (be careful with this one; it's spicy if you put in a lot. You can also use white onions, but they don't taste as good)
Crushed garlic
Chopped basil (you can use the fresh ones, or the dried ones. Today, I used the dried ones)
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

1. Chop the tomatoes and onions finely, and place them into a bowl.
2. Add garlic and basil, and stir through.
3. Add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Drizzle the mixture with olive oil and stir.
5. Slice the French loaf and brush each slice with olive oil.
6. Grill slices until toasty brown (medium heat; check the pieces to make sure they don't turn out rock hard)
7. Spoon mixture onto the bread.
8. Enjoy!

My very first bruschetta. Tasted pretty good too ;)

February 25, 2008

Druggy, Boozy Friday

Just one week Down Under, and I'm down with a flu :(

Perks of sleeping with a doctor? *wink wink*


Pumped meself with meds, plus there isn't anything good ol' Vicks cannot fix.


With me sick and all, guess what me lovely housemate and I decided to do? Mix meds with booze!

On a Friday afternoon, we thought it would be fun to try out some cocktails, since housemate Sharky is somewhat a cocktail connoisseur (he had all the equipment anyway). Sharky wasn't working that day (unfortunately Tim was), and I swear to God I was feeling a lot better then, so I made him make a drink for me. Had my favourite, a stiff Cosmopolitan. Yum yum.

Let's just say, Tim was not at all amused to see me in my half-drunken stupor when he got back from work. But really, I felt better! After some persuasion, in the end, he decided to join us, so after dinner (Korean food ... mmmmm ....), we had another round of drinks. This time, we had something more "terror".

Sharky doing his thang.

More Booze
That's only like, one-tenth of his stuff. Tsk tsk :p

Trying to flame the drink, but sadly failed. Will have to try it again.

One shot of Blue Curacao and another of Bailey's cream.

Drink Up
Tim drank the mixed concoction (if I'm not mistaken, there was Sambuca in there as as it tasted a bit like licorice).

All in all, I had a Cosmopolitan, a bit of that funny blue-grey drinky thingy, and finished off with a lovely raspberry martini that Friday. It wasn't enough to get us drunk (although Tim's face was beetroot red, apparently due to lack of some enzymes which break down alcohol or some thingamajiggy), but we slept very well that night. Well, at least he did, 'cos my flu got a whole worse the next day.

So, boys and girls, the moral of the story is - eat, drink and be merry today, for tomorrow the flu gets a lot worse.

Thank you, thank you.

PS: By the way, I did NOT mix the meds with booze. Boys and girls, you know you're not supposed to mix meds with alcohol, right? I had them with water. THEN I had the booze :p

PPS: Shhhh, don't tell my mother!

February 21, 2008

Where Art Thou, Our Own Place?


Yep, still living out of a suitcase. Well, technically, I've put away the stuff from one suitcase; this suitcase is JUST for my makeup, skincare products, accessories, bits of stuff here and there and what have you. I even brought along my bolster, much to Tim's chagrin. What can I say, I can't sleep without the smelly thing :p

Gosh, can't wait till we get our own place so that I can finally unpack!

February 19, 2008

Howdy Mate!

Okay, that was weird. I've never said that before, so I don't know why I wrote that.

Yep, you can tell, can't you, that I'm already in Melbourne? For almost a week now. Time really does fly, does it not? I mean, there I was, complaining my arse off about the stress from the wedding and the moving and whatnots, and in a blink of an eye, I'm finally here. Golly.

So far, everything's been all right. Tim and I were looking for a place of our own to rent (we'll be renting first, buying in a year's time), but everywhere is just so expensive. And it wasn't just me calculating and converting all the figures back to Ringgit Malaysia! We'll be inspecting a place this Thursday, which we really like, so please keep your fingers crossed for us that we can get it without selling our livers.

Next for me would be getting a job. I just submitted two applications in this morning. For some reason, I'm not confident about it, but that could also be due to the fact that I've only been here less than a WEEK, and haven't really settled down properly yet. It really does not help to have people asking me ever so often, "So how? Found a job yet? Still honeymoon period ah?"

Lord, please help me not to slap these people upside down.


On a lighter note, I heard something really funny over the radio the other day. You know how the Americans pronounce Iraq as "Eye-Rack"? *roll eyes*

The Australians pronounce the Maldives as "MAL-DIVES" (as in, she dives into the pool).


February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese "Ratty" New Year, Folks!


Not back in Penang just yet, but thought I'd drop in to say hi, and happy Chinese New Year and happy holidays to all.

Sucky part about CNY this year onwards? Handing out of angpows. That's for the tea ceremony AND CNY.

Can I please hear a "wahlau damn siong", y'all?

Sigh. Oh well.