October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Paris!

To my very favourite blogging buddy and inspiration,

Birthday - Paris October 2008

Happy birthday, Paris! Coffee, drinks, etc is on me when we next meet up, yeah? We must! :P

October 15, 2008


Jesus On The CrossIt was just an ordinary Sunday morning. We headed to the church my in-laws go to every Sunday morning. To be honest, it wasn't really my thing, as the service was conducted in Chinese. They usually have an intepreter with the pastor, translating the sermon to English. I do not like such church services because I often find that it really lengthens the sermon unnecessarily, and makes the service feel rather disjointed.

I tagged along just the same, but like all the times I've been to a Chinese church, it was with a closed heart.

The praise and worship session was all right. Couldn't understand most of the songs as they were in Chinese. I kept looking at my watch, willing it all to be over soon.

Then came the collection of tithes, and soon enough, it was time for the sermon. That Sunday's message was about forgiveness. To my surprise, the pastor and his interpreter delivered the sermon very well. Enough anecdotes to make sure the sermon wasn't dry, but enough to make me ponder upon the subject of forgiveness. He mentioned on how God forgave us on our multitude of sins, therefore we should also forgive those who trespasses against us.

During the sermon, I did not look at the watch once.

When he talked about forgiving those who wronged you, just as He has forgave us, it really struck a chord in me. As though the demons in the past have come to play with my mind again. Have I forgiven? For I know I definitely have not forgotten.

As the sermon drew to a close, and the musicians went to do their thing, an overwhelming feeling of ... something came upon me. It wasn't so much of me forgiving another, but that despite all that I've done, despite all the wrong choices I made, despite the times when I shunned Him, turned away from Him, blamed Him for not giving me what I wanted, He forgave me. He forgave me despite everything I did to Him. And continued to shower me and my loved ones with abundant blessings.

It was then when the tears came. After a while, I fell into uncontrollable sobs. I have not cried in church in a very long time. Suddenly I felt His hand on my shoulder, His arms around me, and I fell apart.

It felt really good.

October 14, 2008

Family Emergency

My apologies for the sudden absence on the blogfront. There had been a family emergency which required my husband and I to fly back to KL on Friday.

Tim's maternal grandmother had passed away. She was 88.

It was a very sudden and short trip for the both of us. We just returned to Melbourne this evening. All his brothers flew back as well, from Sydney and Glasgow, UK. It was a good reunion, albeit a solemn one. In the rush of everything, I wasn't able to go back to Penang to visit my family, which really was too bad.

Thanks very much for all the kind emails and text messages. We really appreciate them, and you. Suffice to say, we're now bloody exhausted from all the flying. I had to play babysitter on the trip back to KL as there was a screaming toddler sitting next to me on the flight. I took pity on the mother, who was looking worse for wear, traveling alone with a difficult child. I was really tempted to spike that kid's milk with a bit of rum, just to get her to sleep. Yeah, no kidding. I remembered asking Tim this.

"Please ask me again if I want any kids, 'cos the answer will be over my dead body."

Yeah, it was that bad.

Hmm, I've been traveling long-haul every month since August, come to think of it. You know that pinging sound you hear everytime there's a page going on in KLIA? Kinda sick of hearing that now. It really is no fun.

Anyway, regular blogging will resume very shortly. I hope.

October 06, 2008

It's Coming, It's Coming

Gah, the holiday post and pictures are turning out to be a thousand word essay! I'm still in the midst of drafting it, hence the silence. Going to have to divide into a few posts though.

Lazy to continue writing though. Maybe I should just give y'all access to my Facebook account and then "Nah, go see the pictures yourselves. Me damn lazy to write." :p