March 31, 2009

If You Don't Know Me

Sometimes I wish I held absolute anonymity on my blog, and that no one, not even my family, knew who I was on the Internet. There's so much I want to say, like in a diary, but can't. I can't go about bitching about a relative without serious repercussions, I can't vent my frustrations regarding a certain company without the fear of getting sued for libel, etc.

I used to have an anonymous blog. Nobody knew about the existence of that blog, and I remembered dishing out a lot of angst when I was going through a bad relationship. After it crashed and burned, I recovered from it, and had closure by deleting it.

Not that I want to bring that up again, but I can't help but wonder if no one knew who I was at all, under another nom de plume, would I still be able to write what I really wanted to write?

Do you feel this way too? That if no one knew who you were, would you pour out your heart to the world?

March 30, 2009

Just Because

The doorbell buzzed.

Him: Baby, go answer the door.

Me: You go answer the door lah.

Him: Aiyah, you go answer the door lah.

I left the apartment, muttering under my breath on how difficult was it for him to answer the door and all that, and went to the main door.

Lady: Hi, are you Tine?

Me: Yep that's me.

Lady: (handing me a big and long box with a green ribbon tied around it, and the words Roses Only printed at the top) Here you go, you lucky girl.

Roses Only March 09

Roses Only Logo

Roses Only Yellow Roses

Roses Only with Lindt Chocolates

The hubs surprised me with 18 long-stemmed yellow roses! It also came with a box of Lindt choccies. It was such a lovely surprise. The yellow roses were just about to bloom its best, and the colour was simply vibrant. I asked him what the occasion was, and he uttered one word.

"Saja" (just because).

Oooops. I take back all that I muttered under my breath :P

March 25, 2009

On Having Children

I'm torn when it comes to having kids. There are times when I'm broody. That would come when I see a cute baby in a stroller, a mother bouncing a little girl on her knee, or reading mummy blogs. Those are the times where my broody, maternal instincts would come so strong, that I would immediately feel a surge of longing for one of my own. My insides turn to mush when I see cute baby clothes on sale. Show me a tiny bootie, and my voice turns incoherent.

But other times (and this happens a lot more), where I don't want children. When they're screaming, crying, fretting and yelling for goodness-knows-what. See, for me, when someone actually hands me their baby to carry, I'm stumped. I just don't know what to do with them. Put me in a room with children, and I want to run to the nearest exit. My husband's great with kids; he knows what to do with them, how to make them laugh, keep them occupied. I just look at them and go "Errr ... what now?".

I also happen to be in a country where disciplining children the way my mother disciplined me is absolutely not accepted. No rotan, or else they'll call child services. Oh boy.

People tell me that when the time comes, I'll know. I'll know what to do, and I'll do it well. When I put the wee bootie back on the rack and my voice goes back to normal, I know one thing.

I know that the time isn't now.

March 16, 2009

Interesting Characters On The Train

A guy standing on the link between carriages, in the open. Very dangerous, methinks, but he preferred to stand there than stay in the carriage. I was scared for him, I really was.

Unibrow man with the most gorgeous long eyelashes I've ever seen. Too much hair growing in the wrong places, mate. Wax off the middle of your brows, and give me your eyelashes, dammit!

An old, unkempt man who, after losing his balance on the moving train, stumbled a bit, and started stamping his feet and shaking his fists, gesturing to no one in a train full of people. He got off his seat, stomped the train whilst uttering goodness-knows-what, shaking his fists, went to the door, kicked and lashed out, and got back in. Those sitting around him quickly got off their seats and sat somewhere else. This continued until we stopped at Caulfield Station. Two Connex fellas came in looking for him, and that was when he quickly got out and left. The look of relief on the passengers was a sight indeed.

All this on the Cranbourne/Pakenham line. Who needs an iPod when you've got these to keep you entertained?

Trouble In Paradise

It's been a rough couple of weeks. There is, indeed, trouble in paradise.

Not something I'd freely share here, but suffice to say, it really hadn't been easy. Not easy when you and your partner cannot come to a compromise without either party developing resentment towards the other and not when you cannot even agree to disagree. So what are you going to do when both sides can't even back down?

It's all hell break loose.

I'm putting this aside for now; I'm letting it go. It's not something that can be resolved immediately, but I definitely cannot go on like this. We cannot go on like this.

I need a good pick-me-up. Thank goodness I'm meeting up with the girls this evening, even if it's only going to be a short while. I need me a drink, and fast.

March 10, 2009

Moviefone Downgraded

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person who finds TV dramatisation really stupid. You know, the bits where the network/channel promotes the next episode of a following drama series with voice prompts such as these.

*in a dramatic, moviefone voice*

"The episode that shocked all of America. What did the doctor do to get such a reaction from the rest?" (referring to an episode on Grey's Anatomy where Dr Hunt stabs a pig in front of the doctors. Come on. Really? It shocked ALL of America?)

"In the most exciting episode ever on 'insert-drama-name'" (apparently, every single episode is exciting)

It's bloody annoying, I tell you. I get it if it's a movie in the cinema that they're promoting, but just for Neighbours?


March 03, 2009

To Migrate Or Not To Migrate?

I've been contemplating for a long time on whether to migrate this blog to Wordpress. In fact, I'm still on a limbo here. It would be good to finally move on to another platform which I know will be better, but I've had this template for years now, and I can't seem to let it go.

Decisions, decisions.

On a unrelated postscript, I have to stop reading mummy blogs. It's making me broody, which I shouldn't be at the moment. Gah.

March 02, 2009

Fire Weather Shocker Ahead

More crazy winds and unpredictable weather come Monday night to Tuesday. Gale-force winds of up to 150km/h is just madness.

Sigh. When will this end? I've never been more eager for rain to come than now.

March 01, 2009

Joy Comes In A Cone

'Tis so easy to put me in a good mood after a relatively PMS-y morning.

Maccas Soft Scoop

A 50-cent Maccas soft scoop from the drive through (the other's for hubs) just melts the blues away.

I Wish For Days When

I had something to look forward to come a new day.

I did not have to rely on the Internet for just about anything.

I was not judged on what I chose to do.

Things were less complicated when they were more.

It was just the two of us.

I had more things to blog about because I've run out of juice.