September 05, 2006

All About The Meme

Haven't done any memes in a while. And since I have run out of things to blog about, I've decided to steal a meme from a random blog and use it as my own. Oh yeah, I'm at the office. So sue me if I decide not to do any work this morning.

So yeah, here goes nothing ...

10 Favourites
Favourite Season: Autumn
Favourite Color: Baby pink (I'm going to add another one - purple. High-five, Bea! (yeah, lame, I know *grin*))
Favourite Time: Err ... an actual time? 12am? That's when I hit the sack
Favourite Food: Too many to mention, actually
Favourite Drink: Cosmopolitan
Favourite Ice Cream: Baskin Robbins' Very Berry Strawberry
Favourite Place: My room (in Penang)
Favourite Sport: Not into sports
Favourite Actor: Hugh Jackman, 'cos he's HA-A-A-WT!
Favourite Actress: Don't have a particular favourite. Sarah Jessica Parker's not bad. I love the way she flicks her hair with her hand. I tried picking it up, but I ended up looking like I'm just wiping sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand. Oh well. They don't call 'em celebrities for nothin'.

9 Currents
Current Feeling: Pissed off (see Last Phone Call)
Current Drink: Water
Current Time: 10:30am
Current Show on TV: Not watching any at the moment; I'm at the office.
Current Mobile Used: Nokia N80 (I had to sell my kidney for this baby)
Current Windows Opened: Firefox, iTunes, Hummingbird xterm
Current Underwear: Something black *wink*
Current Clothes: Office uniform (I look worse than Barney in the purple garb)
Current Thought: "Man, it's going to be 7 hours before I get to go home"

8 Firsts
First Nickname: Ah Tine (for many years, I insisted it's TIN, because Tine's pronounced "tah-in", but nobody else gave a hoot. I finally gave in)
First Kiss: Age 18, with my first boyfriend
First Crush: Jason; I was 11, we took the same schoolbus, went to the same church, but he doesn't know I exist.
First Best Friend: A raggedy Ann doll called Sarah. I had her when I was 6. Told her stories. All she did was collect dust, which I breathed when I hugged her to sleep back then.
First Vehicle I Drove: Mum's Proton Iswara
First Job: Engineer (It's pretty sad; I've never worked as anything else before. Industrial trainee doesn't count)
First Date: Gosh, I can't remember. I think we were at some kinda ice-skating rink (age 18)
First Pet: A mongrel named Tiger (my parents named him after their favourite golfer).

7 Lasts
Last Drink: White coffee with hazelnut extract
Last Kiss: Does blowing kisses over the phone count? No? Too bad ;)
Last Meal: Fried rice, with an egg on top
Last Web Site Visited: My work email (it's web-based)
Last Movie Watched: Failure To Launch (Sarah Jessica Parker's got GORGEOUS hair in that show; I'm totally considering bangs now ... tee hee hee!)
Last Phone Call: Called a biscuit shop to order some tau sar pia (bean biscuits), but got totally blown off by the arrogant owner. Well, up yours too, lady!
Last TV show Watched: House, MD (season 2)

6 Have You Evers
Have You Ever: Broken the Law: Of course I have, who hasn't? ;) (I mean, seriously, who hasn't chucked litter at supposedly "forbidden" areas?)
Have You Ever Been Drunk: Very close
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Nope
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire: Nope
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Nope
Have You Ever Broken Anyones Heart: Yes

5 Things
Things You Can Hear Right Now: The rain outside
Things On Your Bed: 2 pillows, 2 bolsters, 3 soft toys (polar bear, seal and monkey)
Things You Ate Today: See Last Meal (it's only 10.30am, y'know)
Things You Can't Live Without: Money
Things You Do When You Are Bored: Shop, surf and chat on the Internet, watch the telly, read a book

4 Places You Have Been Today
Erm, office loo, company cafeteria ... that's it.

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now
PC, fan, mug, files, earphones, stationery holder, in-tray (lots of junk in it)

2 Choices
Black or White: Black
Hot or Cold: Hot chocolate, cold weather

1 Place You Want To Visit
Paris (like I haven't mentioned this enough)

Not tagging anyone. Feel free to nick this for your own.

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