July 31, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

Lucky SevenThis is an overdue meme which was tagged by the very man who hardly does memes himself, Kamigoroshi. I knew I had to reciprocate something so rare. It took me a while to search these seven random things about myself. It's not something deep nor exactly soul-searching, but it might give you another look into who I am. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. I have a tendency to talk to myself. It's a childhood habit I never outgrew. I would imagine myself as another person, and actually talk aloud to myself as a third person. I stopped talking aloud to myself years ago, but I still run conversations in third person in my head before doing anything. And when I did something I shouldn't have, or didn't do something I should have, after it's over, I'd run the conversation in my head as to what I should or should not have said. Sometimes I wonder if I'm schizophrenic.
  2. I'm quite a paranoid person. No, I'm not talking about aliens or other beings outside of Earth. I'm wary of my surroundings, of the people around me. I'd rather walk the extra two block with lights on, than half a block with little light. I'm not saying that this guarantees that I'll be safe all the time. The sixth sense in me tells me that it's better to be safe than sorry.
  3. I'm a worrywart. It comes with being paranoid. I get scared of things quite often. I worry that something will happen if we take that risk which I'd deem unnecessary. It's a wonder my blood pressure doesn't hit the roof at times.
  4. I'm terribly fickle-minded. It's difficult for me to stick to something I'd like for long. I tend to move on to something else very quickly. It's not a trait I'm proud of.
  5. For a fickle person, I'm incredibly loyal when it comes to food. If it's a dish I like, I can have it for many consecutive meals and not get sick. Once, I had steamed tofu with a bit of meat and mushrooms on it for dinner, cooked the same way, for an entire week. Just because I liked it. And still do. I can watch a show I like over and over again and not get bored. I can't tell you how many times I've watched the entire seasons of How I Met Your Mother, Will and Grace, House, etc. Up to the point where I can recite almost every line on the show. Even Tim is sick of hearing sitcom laughter from the computer :p
  6. I used to suffer from trichotillomania. It's an obsessive-compulsive disorder where I'd yank out my hair when I was stressed out. It got so bad, that to a point, I had obvious bald patches at the sides of my head (where the sideburns would be), and you'd see tufts of grass-like hairs on the top of my head, because that's where new hair was growing (I pulled a lot out). I don't do it anymore though. I transferred that OCD-ness to something else - twisting tissue or the corners of pillows with my thumb and index finger.
  7. I tend to be protective of people shorter and/or smaller-sized than I am. I don't know why. It's not discriminatory; it's just one of those things coded in my genes or something. It's instinctive.

I'm not going to tag anyone for today, but if you would like to do the meme, by all means go ahead. I'd love to read that seven things about you.


Kamigoroshi said...

Aha! I knew you were someone after my own heart!

Obsessive, paranoid, a worry wart and with odd ticks (cause I also talk to myself). See...this is why we should talk to each other more. Great minds think alike and all that jazz. :)

Adino said...

Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know this side of you.

beetrice said...

Damn...I think it's genetic.. :s It's like reading about myself, especially the hair-pulling bit. It comes back with a vengeance when I'm stressed, just that now I don't obsess on one spot - help!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I also pull out hair in secondary school. Especially when I was studying. I will take time to choose the "thicker hair" (it feels different) pull it out, then measured it to the length of the book I was studying at that time.

As those days I had to keep short hair (not more than 2 inches below the ear lobe) due to strict school rules, I feel satisfied monitoring the length of my hair.

The side effect is: there will always be some new hair sticking out at the top of my head. Someone even nickname me "three hair" (san mao) in chinese.

I dun remember how or when I outgrown that habit.


PabloPabla said...

Luckily your OCD was not transferred to your hubby's crowning glory :D

giddy tigress said...

Oh my....how can anyone be any more *random* than this? Thanks for revealing the other side of you!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Whoa dude. You had OCD? Whoa....well....I used to cut myself.

I am stealing this tag btw =p

daphne said...

i'm also a (1)! i talk to myself all the time, since young. and er.... i still do... hahahaha