October 14, 2008

Family Emergency

My apologies for the sudden absence on the blogfront. There had been a family emergency which required my husband and I to fly back to KL on Friday.

Tim's maternal grandmother had passed away. She was 88.

It was a very sudden and short trip for the both of us. We just returned to Melbourne this evening. All his brothers flew back as well, from Sydney and Glasgow, UK. It was a good reunion, albeit a solemn one. In the rush of everything, I wasn't able to go back to Penang to visit my family, which really was too bad.

Thanks very much for all the kind emails and text messages. We really appreciate them, and you. Suffice to say, we're now bloody exhausted from all the flying. I had to play babysitter on the trip back to KL as there was a screaming toddler sitting next to me on the flight. I took pity on the mother, who was looking worse for wear, traveling alone with a difficult child. I was really tempted to spike that kid's milk with a bit of rum, just to get her to sleep. Yeah, no kidding. I remembered asking Tim this.

"Please ask me again if I want any kids, 'cos the answer will be over my dead body."

Yeah, it was that bad.

Hmm, I've been traveling long-haul every month since August, come to think of it. You know that pinging sound you hear everytime there's a page going on in KLIA? Kinda sick of hearing that now. It really is no fun.

Anyway, regular blogging will resume very shortly. I hope.


PB said...

So sorry to hear about the loss. Hope everything settles down soon.

zewt said...

'accidents' do happen... particularly when time wants it to happen... so... u might just have to prepare your dead body... :P

pablopabla said...

Kids can be fun, ya know? Have them whilst you still can :D

Kok said...

I'm sorry to hear that... Take care there.

jemima said...

Don't disappoint me! I wanna be your kid's Godmother. :p

Mummy said...

Don't say that lah. If a child were to cry in the plane, it will be because they are uncomfortable. Think of how restless we are as adults in a long haul flight, and what more with a young baby/child.

During our last flight back to the UK, the flight was at 2am, which was way past my little one's bedtime, and hence he had difficulty sleeping. What more, trying to sleep on your lap whcih is not the most comfy spot. So, he started crying which is not like him. After a while, a f***ing fatso 2 seats away from us shouted aloud, "Will someone shut that boy up?". I can tell you the amount of pressure on us parents. No parents or child wd want to be in that situation in the 1st place.

You will be a wonderful mother, trust me. You will love 'em lil' kids.

Kyels said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss. I hope everything will resume back to normal for you soon.

KittyCat said...

You're quite nice to help with the toddler on board.

The poor kid could be suffering from earache or just can't sleep even though she's very, very tired :P

Sorry about your loss. My grandmother's hitting 92 this year and I can't wait to see her and show her her great-grandson...