July 14, 2009

Of Masterchef and Eating in Australia

Masterchef LogoMasterchef Australia will be ending this week, and I'm actually sad to see it go. I've been following the reality TV show very closely ever since it started a few months ago. I even saw George Calombaris at The Press Club during my birthday dinner with the hubs (oh yeah, I was starstruck. Even more than when Gordon Ramsay walked into the restaurant an hour later).

Some thoughts about the show - I'm torn between Justine and Poh to win. If they were to run an audience voting system, you bet I'll be wasting money on text messages. That's how hooked I can be to reality TV. Tsk tsk.

The thing about watching Masterchef, and living in Australia, has somewhat turned me into a food snob. I'm now pretty particular about what I eat. I love fresh produce, and the fact that it's so readily available to me. Good food doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, I've had some swell meals in obscure, cheapo restaurants, and crappy ones at expensive restaurants.

Have all these turned me into a fantastic cook? Definitely not, but at least I'm now better than I was before. At least, I hope I am.

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geekchic said...

i love that the judges were so warm and they're actual human beings that I could come to like unlike that asshole of Simon Cowell. Between Julie and Poh, I wanted Poh to win because I love her crazy unpredictable style as an artist; as what cooking should be. Expressing yourself, an art. But, honestly, Poh needs to learn that there are moments for expressing herself and there are moments to follow the recipe (choc tempering) and I think that must've cost her the win. As much as I wanted her to win, I really think Julie deserves it no matter what the cynics out there think.
At least the first Australia Masterchef is a female! HALLELUJAH! :P