January 05, 2010

And The Holiday Ends Here

As I sit at a cafe at LCCT waiting for my flight back to Melbourne (and enjoying the free WIFI, no doubt), I looked back upon the month-long holiday I had back in Malaysia. I've enjoyed myself immensely this trip, especially when I was spending time with my family and close friends. I found it really difficult to leave this time. I remembered sobbing to Tim a couple of nights before leaving Penang, telling him how much I'd miss my parents.

Time can be such a bitch. Everytime I see my parents, they seemed to have shrunk a little bit more. There were more lines and white hair. Mum would ask me why it was that I made so much plans with my friends when she hardly had any time with me. The guilt was unbearable. I vouched to call them more often, and I plan to follow that through.

I had the pleasure of spending time with my grandma too, who turns a grand ol' 90 this year. I'm so glad that other than the poor short-term memory she has now, she is still healthy and strong. Mention the word "mahjong" to her, and her eyes light up with a thousand stars. Her mind is still pretty sharp, thank the Lord.

The trip back to Malaysia this time is, I'd say, one of the best trips I've had so far. I'm sorry I didn't get to catch up with more people but I had so many events planned the entire month I was back, it was crazy. I don't even have that much of a life in Melbourne! :P

Still, I'm glad to be going home. Back to work, back to the ol' routine. Back to good friends.

And back to a LOT of laundry.


littleComma said...

Happy New Year Tine !

beetrice said...

hey, you forgot back to plenty of new stuff to try! :D hope you had a safe flight (won't say good after reading your tweets.. :s)

charmedcookie said...

Take heart, Tine...MAS comes up with different sorts of promo all year long. Sign up for Enrich if you haven't already ;)

xyling said...

thats a sweet post btw

totally relate to yr post...cos im gng home in 11 weeks and i seem to have planned friends outings but must not neglect family....

oh and girl, im moving to melbourne in less than 10 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!