July 26, 2005

There's No Place Like Home

I'm home! Finally home!

I know this post's coming a wee bit too late, but what the heck? I'M HOME!

I really am glad to be home. Home to the hot, sticky weather (better than the sauna-like temperature of Japan; or worse, the typhoons), good, greasy and unhealthy food (no bland Japanese food for 2 months!), and overall cheap stuff. Oh, and family and friends too, of course *grin*.

My Japanese girlfriends came to Penang with me as well. We had a wonderful time shopping, eating and walking around Penang. Their take on Malaysian food? "Very spicy! Drinks very sweet!" FYI, coffee or tea served in Japan are without milk nor sugar; one adds these condiments as needed. In Malaysia, it's common to have two or more big tablespoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk or plentiful of sugar in the drinks. As for shopping, it was, no doubt, heaven for them *grin*.

Showing them around Penang has made me realised how much I missed home; the people, the food, the warmth (believe it or not, compared to Japan, chivalry is NOT dead in Malaysia!), etc. Being able to speak without having to construct my English to much simpler sentences is such a relief. Or, at least, it will be for the next two months, before I have to leave for Japan again.

Till then, there really is no place like home.

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