July 28, 2005

Of Insurance, Age and Death

Somehow, my contact details fell into the shrewd hands of a ... *gasp* ... Prudential representative! After much coercion, I finally met up with a Prudential representative yesterday, to give her the opportunity to brief me with their latest financial plan. Know that I have tried to avoid meeting her, and even stood her up once! (I'm not proud of it, but I had no choice) In the end, I figured, hey, I'll meet with her and get it done and over with, once and for all.

We have never met; all communications were via the phone. I finally succumbed to her persuasion yesterday to meet after work. We exhanged pleasantries. I guess she got right down to business when she asked me the one question women dread.

"Erm, by the way ah, how old are you ah?"

I looked her, skeptical. I told her my age.

"Wah...you sounded so ...err... matured over the phone! If I hadn't met you, I swear you'd be older leh!"

I shall spare my readers the details of the meeting, but suffice to say, I was told to sound OLD, that I might DIE anytime, and that I need to spend lots of MONEY to be insured (my words). And to make matters worse ...

... I got duped into meeting her again next Wednesday!

Why me? :(


Adrian said...

Oooh, so are you gonna put down your wager against the insurance company? Over your life, that is... :)

charmedcookie said...

Aren't u already covered by other policies? There will always be newer and better policies. Save your time and go shopping :p

beetrice said...

i concurr with the charmedcookie...shop shop shop!! hehe...in KL of course!!

Tine said...

adrian: Nopes, but I do hope I don't get coerced into doing this again. Geez.

charmedcookie & evanescent: rightly put, girls! I'm so coming to KL to spend, spend, spend!!

Adrian said...

The only reason the insurance agent is trying to sell you insurance is that the probability of you konking off in the near future is rather low. So rejoice in the fact that you are rather low-risk in that sense :)