August 23, 2006

Sa Wa Dee

I actually drafted this post AGES ago, but never got around to publishing it because I can't be arsed to put the pictures together. For photos of my trip to Bangkok, check out Bea's blog).


As promised, a post on the lovely, wonderful Bangkok.

Anyways, Bangkok was absolutely fantastic! Shopped like crazy, that's for sure. Didn't get to spa though, cos it was THAT time of the month (it's a well-known fact among the cousins that whenever something fun crops up, I'll be surfing the crimson wave. Argh), but went for 2 lovely, Thai body massages (only 400 baht for 2 hours, very cheap!). Now, in case you didn't know, I'm bloody ticklish around the feet, and when the masseuse so much as touched my feet, I'd be jumping out of the massage bed. The masseuse had to tell me to relax so many times, it's not even funny, especially when she totally kneed me in the ass! I'm shocked at how intimate the massages were, and I'm not even a man. It's no wonder why these massages come with a lil' sumthin'-sumthin' if you're willing to pay for more.

The shopping was fabulous. I came back with 6 pairs of shoes. Okay, a pair of heels and 5 pairs of flip-flops (not those which simply go 'pik piak', okay? The nice, beaded ones). When they come at, what, 50 baht a pair, how can you resist? Also bought a lot of tops and skirts, which are 199 baht each. Imagine how much they overcharge here. Tsk tsk tsk.

The shopping and eating would not have gone so well without cousin Bea's friend's mum's help, who lives in Bangkok, and can speak amazing Thai (well, amazing enough to bargain almost everything for me in Thai *grin*). I also bought a dress for my friend's wedding in September, for 1500 baht. It's simply gorgeous; thank God I found something like that in Bangkok, as I was going to buy a RM400 dress which I saw at Gurney Plaza, Penang, if I can't find anything else! Also, Bea had her dress made to order, in less than 24 hours. These people are amazingly dilligent and quick, and the handiwork's really good too. So, ladies, if you want to get your evening dresses custom-made, don't go to those fancypants boutiques which you see in Bangkok, just head over to MBK (Mah Boon Krong). There are a lot of tiny 'lil shops which has tailors who will make anything to order. Best of all, you can bargain to a better price. Look better for less, how's that? *grin*.

The best (okay, one of the best) thing in Bangkok? Boots pharmacy. It was like, coming home, when I saw Boots pharmacies in Bangkok. I simply loved Boots when I was in the UK, but could never buy much, because everything was so expensive. Bea told me that most of the toiletries and stuff in Boots are manufactured in Thailand, thus the low prices. I was like a little girl in Disneyland when I entered a Boots pharmacy at Siam Square (I stayed at the Novotel Siam, which was in Siam Square, Bangkok), wide-eyed, excited, and ready to try everything on. Within my first hour in Bangkok, I managed to snag quite a few items, for about 500 baht. That's, like what, RM50, for more than 6 items? There's no way on earth I can do that in the UK. Plus with the promotion going on then, buy 600 baht of Boots products, and get a free gift worth 300 baht, I was in heaven *grin*. Ahhh ... all these talk about Boots is really making me want to go back! Needless to say, I brought a LOT of Boots stuff home.

As for food, I think I've renewed my liking for tomyam. Seriously, the tomyam in Malaysia is NOTHING compared compared to the very delicious variety of tomyam in Thailand. Malaysian tomyam's either too spicy or sour to be tasty, which is such a waste. Oh and papaya salad (som tam) is simply delicious (I've developed a serious liking to som tam). We had the opportunity to eat at the famous Somboom Seafood restaurant in Bangkok, thanks to Bea's friend's mum. Had the restaurant's famous crab curry. Yummy!

So there ya go, 4 days of just shopping, eating, and relaxing. One of the best holidays I've had in a long time. No strict schedules nor itineraries to follow, no rules, etc. Amazing Thailand indeed. Bea, I've had a fanta-bulous time with you. Possibly the BEST shopping buddy ever! *grin* We've GOT to do this again. And soon!


beetrice said...

Haha..likewise ma dear..likewise..and by the way, this is going to kill you - I just found a TINY shop in Hartamas that actually stocks limited ranges from (wait for it) BOOTS!! :p

Are you dying all over again? Heehee..I'm sure that's giving you motivation to hightail it to KL once again..

Tine said...

ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! Me want!!!! :P

KL, here I come!! Hahahah!