October 18, 2006

Of Barbara Cartland And (Needing) A New Job

Random thought - you know something's not right somewhere, when the CEO of the multinational company you're working at comes for a visit, and you suddenly find potted plants in the loos (and when he's gone, the plants disappear).

Oh well.

Went to the bank today, paid my monthly car installment. That's 7 months down, 6 years and 5 months to go. I definitely need a new job which pays more than the peanuts I'm getting. Or at least a more exciting one.

Remember those Barbara Cartland novels (yeah, I used to read her novels. Shut up. "I ... love ... you ... so ... much". Spit it out already, girl! Geez), where the lady works as an au pair (seriously, is this kind of job still available? Call me if it is!) in a romantic, foreign land, and falls in love with the dashing master? And they ... live ... happily ... ever ... after? Now why can't I find such a job?

Of course, the Malaysian version would be: lady working in a not-so-romantic, not-quite-foreign land (Malaysia), taking care of the drool and vomit-covered children, does NOT fall in love with the pot-bellied, chain-smoking master, but gets raped by the horny, sex-deprived bastard, and ends up in The Star and TV3. AND she ends up living not so happily after she gets sent back to her home country, a shame to her family.

Now THAT is romanticism for you.

I still need a new job. Sigh.

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beetrice said...

oh geez girl, you need to get a hobby...hahaha...I nearly died laughing reading this!!