October 15, 2006

Paintball - The Real Thing

Paintball was absolutely fantastic. It sure is gratifying to pay RM60 (supposedly the cheapest) to get shot at and hurt yourself.

There were 21 of us in the game, give or take. These were my colleagues from work, and I guess you can call it a teambuilding event, even though our kiamsiap (stingy) company wouldn't pay for it. To be honest, I was expecting a more spectacular venue, given the really cool pictures you see when you Googled 'paintball'.

The field was pretty small, but there were quite a lot of ... erm ... whaddyacallit, obstacles? Well, a lot of thingies around for you to hide behind and shoot.

All of us had to sign a Declaration of Liability form, releasing Promedia Paintball from any responsibility in the case that any of us gets our head shot off or something. Ooooh ... the anticipation!

The markers

The masks - imagine the sweat and stink you have to endure when you're sharing these masks. And they fog up real bad, till you can't see. Geez.

As there were 21 of us, we were divided into 4 teams, where 2 teams would play against each other, and then the other 2 takes over. We played Elimination, ie if all the members in the team get shot, the game's over.

The game itself was pretty fun, although I was seriously too chickenshit to get out of the base. I mean, the injuries my colleagues sustained weren't at all funny. And when I finally had the guts to get out of the base, I got shot between the eyes.

Yep, that's me. Right between the eyes.

Thank God for the mask, huh?

Not so lucky colleague. It was a pretty close-up shot, thus the severity of the wound.

All in all, it was a great 2 hours we spent, in suspense during the game, and also bonding with each other. Definitely HAVE to do this again. And this time, I'm NOT wasting my time and pellets cowering at the base.

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charmedcookie said...

yowza, that bruise sure looks nasty!