January 04, 2008

Loo Habits

Toilet Habits

After reading about peculiar toilet habits at Zewt's, I thought I'd share a bit of my family's peculiar loo manners. And since my parents and brother do not read my blog (gosh, I hope they don't! If you know them, keep it hushed!), I'd give you a window into their toilet habits :p

Dad - Spends AGES on the throne. Brings either newspapers or his notebook with him. I can hear Taiwanese talk shows, Cantonese drama, etc sounds from the loo. His advice for me is that I have to learn to do my big business daily. Ada input, mesti ada output. Tiap-tiap hari mesti output.

Brother - Stacks of comics in the loo. Cannot aim to save his life. Anyways, Ah Boy, if you actually do happen to read this, you really gotta learn to shoot properly. I haven't made you actually sit down to pee yet, but man, I'm tempted to. You're stinkin' up the loo!

As for me, well, when I was a lot younger (6 to 8 years old), I've always fancied myself peeing standing up. I didn't understand why it was so easy for boys to pee standing up, and I had to squat (especially when you really have to go whilst on the highway; the grass tickles!). Thank God for the throne.

Oh, and I HAVE to have reading material in the loo. Regardless of whether it's to take a leak, or a dump. And don't we all love a good dump? :p

So Zewt, does that answer your question? ;)

PS: How's that for the first entry of 2008? Tee hee hee!


beetrice said...

Oh GOD...haha...that's somewhat similar to my family!! (must run in the family hor??)

I notice that those toilet habits don't extend to your mum..fast in, fast out, nothing to comment? Heehee..

Now I'm so tempted to blog on my family's loo habits - but my dad reads my blog!! eeeepss!!

zewt said...

i hope your bro will learn his lesson and will savour his privilege in standing before being made to sit....

the part when you said it tickles when gotta go by the highway is ... hilarious!hahahaha...

kyels said...

This is hilarious, seriously!

Anyway, my Dad goes to the loo everyday too. I prefer to make my business quick ... Haha!


Giddy Tiger said...

It's funny how I've only heard of men spending an eternity on the throne, with all sorts of reading material...

Arth Akal said...

'Ada input, mesti ada output. Tiap-tiap hari mesti output.'

Awesome quote!! LOL