January 07, 2008

Random Ramblings of the Day

This week's my last at the office. Man, I have a lot of junk accumulated the past four years. It's going to take me a couple of days to clear out my things. Feeling a tad melancholic though. My colleagues think I'm nuts 'cos they're green with envy that I'm leaving, and not them :p


I received a terrifying email from my uncle in the US today. My uncle, aunt and cousin got robbed at gunpoint in their HOME last night (in the garage, just after they parked their car and got out). Thank God that all the robber took was money, and left immediately. They rang the police, sniff dogs came, even helicopters were dispatched to find the car which my uncle spotted and noted of the license number. All are safe, and even though the locks were changed overnight, their safety's been violated *shudder*.


I broke my glasses again. This is the second time in a year. Both pairs were rimless. Guess what I bought this time? Yep, another pair of flimsy rimless glasses. I never learn, do I? *sigh*


It's 26 days to the wedding. And 19 days to the reception in the Penang. I still have so many items not done. And since I've been so stressed out, I can't stop shoving food into my mouth. Why can't I be one of those bride-to-bes who can't eat a thing nearing the wedding??


Giddy Tiger said...

Oooh, the day is coming closer! Wanna try Lasik instead?

Adino said...

Wow, I'm impressed with the police response. Glad to know your uncle and family are safe.


Would you consider giving your office stuff away? You won't be taking them to your next job will you?


Why not try half rim glasses?


Don't worry about eating. You won't be able to gain any weight so quickly. Just ENJOY :)

lingzie said...

oh, today should be your last day at work! exciting new things to come!

sorry to hear about your uncle's traumatic experience. but i'm impressed by the US police. dont think we will get that kind of help here.

abt those rimless glasses...well if you like them and insist on having them...then just get them anyways! (and be a bit more careful only loh...)

and...chill about eating...you'll be beautiful and perfect on your wedding day! :)

kyels said...

Perhaps you look good in rimless glasses hence you tend to choose it no matter what ... Hehe.

By the way, I never liked Hello Kitty and I got the bears because I wanted them to form my name. I'm a jobless creature ... LOL!

Anyway, have a happy weekend!


Pinkelle said...

OMG..I can't stop eating either :O And I keep telling myself I HAVE to stop before I get measured for any dress! All the best, Tine! :)