February 21, 2008

Where Art Thou, Our Own Place?


Yep, still living out of a suitcase. Well, technically, I've put away the stuff from one suitcase; this suitcase is JUST for my makeup, skincare products, accessories, bits of stuff here and there and what have you. I even brought along my bolster, much to Tim's chagrin. What can I say, I can't sleep without the smelly thing :p

Gosh, can't wait till we get our own place so that I can finally unpack!


beetrice said...

Wah, I see something red still in the wrapper..*ROFL*..that's quite a lot of "what have you"s... :D

Patience, ma dear..you know the saying - "Wait for bus, none come...then three show up at one time.." *wink*

Paris said...

Patience grasshopper... ;) I'm sure you'll get your own place soon. Glad to have you back online!

geekchic said...

Hey ho. this painful house-hunting process requires a lot of patience but most of all faith in Him.

SOMETHING will pull through somehow. At least Tim's working and that he's a doctor and it'll boost up your application greatly. Just to share with you of His marvellous miracles: Neither Jen and I were working and yet, somehow, with our flimsy application, we got a place to ourselves. It WILL work out, trust me on that. Actually, no, don't trust me on that, trust Him. It'll get better.

*hugs from South Yarra*

BTW, which area are you looking into?

lingzie said...

hello...so glad to have you back on the blogosphere! :)

it must be really exciting and a pain in the neck too, trying to find a place AND a job all at the same time.
just chill and take your time i say. something will definitely come up for you guys i'm sure!
happy house and job hunting! good luck!

constant drama said...

Wow, your suitcase is actually neat. I mean the stuff in them are neat. You should see my suitcase, like a tornado hit them.

And welcome back to the blog sphere Tine, we miss you!

zewt said...

wanna swap then?