June 19, 2008

(Almost) Plight of the Wedding Band

Wedding BandsBefore I got married, I hardly wore rings on my finger. And when I do, it's only when I go out. At home, the rings are back in the jewelry box where they belong.

So you can imagine how weird it is to be wearing a wedding band all the time. I normally take it out when I'm doing the dishes, or when I need to wash my hands. Come to think about it, whenever there's a need to get my hands wet, or if they're slathered with hand cream, I remove the ring. I couldn't stand getting my ring all wet and icky.

Yesterday, I had about the biggest shock I've had in a long time. I almost lost my wedding band.

It was just past midnight that I had a strange feeling that my wedding ring wasn't where it was supposed to be. I'd normally put it on my dresser, along with my husband's. I got out of bed and checked.

It wasn't there.

I checked the desk, the couch, the kitchen, the loo ... everywhere I could think of. Did I drop it in my bag? Did it *gasp* fall into the rubbish bin? I almost had a panic attack, I tell you.

In the end, I found it, in my laptop. That is, it was wedged between the screen and the keyboard, and I didn't realise that I closed the notebook without removing my ring. I must have taken the ring off when I was typing or something. I have a tendency to do that as well.

So now, I'm making sure it's on my finger, 24/7.

Oh wait. I'm not wearing it. Bugger, where did I put it again?!


Kamigoroshi said...

Why don't you do what a lot of married couples I know do?

Wear the ring around your neck as a necklace? That way, you don't have to remove it all the time when you're doing the heavy duty stuff. I don't wear rings because I'm in the lab doing my experiments most of the time and that kind of jewellery gets in the way. The only way I can solve the problem is to wear it around my neck under my shirt.

Practicality aside, think of it this way. The ring symbolises the eternity of love. What better place to put it than close to your heart. :)

Adino said...

That was close!

Either keep it on your finger all the time, or designate a safe place to store your ring and put it there each time.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I dont wear rings either. They make my fingers itch.

giddy tigress said...

I wear both my wedding band and engagement ring when I am out and about. At home, I take both off. Housework reason :)

geekchic said...

same as giddy tigress. that's why when you and tim came over for dinner that night we were both not wearing rings, haha.

this weekend do what? do waht? what? buy what?

may said...

I have a friend who doesn't like wearing rings - but she does wear her wedding band on a chain around her neck :-)

Trinity said...

Did you find it now? Wearing it now?

I wear it 24/7 but my hubby never.. kakakaka... his is too big for him..

prettybeautiful said...

i think u should just wear it 24/7 or hang it around your neck. it is really easy to go missing

Guy in the glass said...

I understand that it's a in thing to wear a ring on your necklace. I discovered this just last month. Aunty have been doing that ever since the ring got too tight for her finger. :)