June 10, 2008



It's getting exceedingly difficult to blog these days.

I'm losing steam to write anything. It's not as though nothing is going on in my life, but I just can't seem to put them in words. A sense of discouragement sweeps over me. It's not the lack of readers; you guys are the best. Seriously. I don't know what's come over me. Maybe it's the lack of sense of achievement. A lack of self and purpose, a routine which is getting too all too familiar for my liking. A burning question in my head - "what am I doing here?!"

The pity party in me is having a real ball, that I can tell you. I've slipped into this funk yet again.

A change is what I need. To do something totally different, to delve into the unknown, still with the confidence to survive. I know what I want to do.

The question is, do I have the courage to pursue it?


Kamigoroshi said...

Maybe the separation from the world you know is finally hitting you. You have sort of settled into the routine of being around home and with nothing out of the ordinary to do, no stories to tell, no spark to your life to live. That monotonous road does carry with it a certain melancholy.

But hey...you have my number. If you need an extra (odd) person to talk to. I'm here.

Kamigoroshi said...

That being said...get out. Go places. Hell...I'm only 5 hours away. Drop by if you can. I can show you that the boredom of Wagga is nothing compared to a city.

And I've been here for 4 years. That might cheer you up. Go figure. :)

L B said...

Strength, Tine..
And fortitude..
You will get by these difficult times and come out stronger.

rinnah said...

Argh! The lose blogging steam is so contagious it's all over the place!

Take time to think things through, and when you're done, tell us what you did, k?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

See this is why I'm on hiatus right now! There's only so much you could blog about.

Adino said...

Everything has a season, sometimes we can write several posts a day, sometimes not at all.

Just take the time off, away from this pressure to post anything.

PabloPabla said...

Don't be too attached to your blog. Take a holiday. It will still be around.

kyels said...

No pressure; just take some time off from blogging if you need.


Courage is always within. What you have to do is to ask, believe, and receive ( in your visualization ) and somehow you will find the courage to pursue the road that was not taken by others.

zewt said...

change is good... sometimes... so... do it!

Anonymous said...

The invitation to the US still stands

giddy tigress said...

We've all been there. Do what you gotta do, and take care :)

Jemima said...


Trinity said...

*tight hugs for Tine*

need a change? we all need that.. :-)

take your time Tine, smile still..

may said...

hope you've got out of the funk! you can always hop on a plane and come to Sydney for a visit, I'll get that funk outta ya... ;-)

chin up!