August 18, 2008

Come On AUD, You Can Do It!

Oh this is not good.

AUD to USD 15 August 08

Why is it that only when our trip to the US was finally confirmed, the Australian dollar has to weaken? :(


Anonymous said...

Haha.... while u are hoping AUD get better, I am delight with it current situation. While be good for my upcoming trip if this trend continue ;)


geekchic said...

2.30pm first Tuesday of September, watch out for TheAge. I'm almost certain RBA will announce a cut in interest rates. Just a matter of waiting and see if the banks will pass it one to us. :P

i'm not complaining much because i really want to buy a property :P

MisSmall said...

I feel the pain too. When I first got back to Malaysia in June, the AUD-RM exchange rate was AUD1 - RM3.20. It dropped to AUD1 - RM2.90 the other day. *Sighs*

daphne said...

change your money now! hehehehe