November 12, 2008

Toilet Peeves

- Ladies who can't seem to aim. There shouldn't be any problems with aiming, right? We don't have schlongs to aim with, but somehow, there's always traces of pee on the toilet bowl. And they don't even wipe it off. What gives?
- Wet loo floors. Ugh.
- Single-ply toilet paper. This probably pisses me off the most. Seriously, what is the point of single-ply loo paper? We'd just end up using more anyway. And when we wipe our wet hands with these pathetic pieces of paper, they turn to goo in our fingers.
- Ladies who do not flush, and leave floating brownies behind. And the toilet isn't even broken. All due to sheer laziness.
- Overly high-tech loos which are supposed to flush automatically after you're finished with your business. Only to find out that after waiting a minute for the darn thing to flush, it's broken. And there's no way to flush. You frantically push whatever buttons and tiles there are to find a lever to flush. Then you feel like such a prat when you leave the cubicle when the next person who uses it mutters under her breath "Geez, a lazy turd who doesn't even know the meaning of flushing the loo".

Anything else to add to toilet peeves?


beetrice said...

oh there are PLENTY i can think of:
- NO toilet paper in the loo
- people who don't know how to use toilet bowls properly...yeh, the kind that like to squat ON the toilet bowl..disgusting
- people who leave their unmentionables on top of the cistern, even when there's a perfectly good bin in the cubicle...*shudder*
- cleaning ladies that come spraying torrents of water under the toilet doors while you're in the loo...explaining why you're walking around with wet jeans is not that easy though!
- kids that cannot behave and go peeping under the doors..but in this case I'd slap the mother for not teaching her kids manners!
- wet toilet bowls. at least have the courtesy of wiping it down for the next person if you're going to spray water all over the place!

*breathes*...that was liberating! :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

People who talk on their phone, while taking a dump IN PUBLIC!!!!!!

giddy tigress said...

oooh. Ugh. Not just brownies left behind, but pinkies and reddies too! Geez....I also hate it when the toilet seat is up!

kyels said...

Everyone already said what I had in mind!


pablopabla said...

Wow! Sounds more dramatic that the guys' loos. Except the guys' loos, we have mobile phone numbers scribbled on doors inviting us to call for a good time.

Adino said...

- People who don't queue up
- People who dry their hands by shaking off the water (which ends up on your feet)
- Over powered flush
- Jammed door latches
- Whistlers
- People who don't lock the doors, giving you that unintended view of their whatevers
- Mobile phone numbers scribbled on doors, with GUY names