June 15, 2009

Another Scarf Done

Thanks to Geekchic, I've been bitten by the knitting bug once more. Have been knitting on and off for a bit (mostly off), but when you have a knitting buddy, it's very easy to get on the wagon once more.

I bought this beautiful wool-alpaca yarn from Morris and Sons, and with just one ball, I finished this, using the stockinette stitch, in probably a total of 3 hours. Slow by the knitting people's standards, I'm sure, but for a rookie like me, it's my fastest record thus far.

20090614 Wool Alpaca Scarf

It's really soft, and the yarn's just gorgeous. Unfortunately, I cannot wear this with my black coat as it sheds like crazy. Oh well, can't win 'em all. It's also the most expensive piece of yarn I've bought so far. Thank goodness at 37 bucks per ball, I only need one to make a scarf.

'Tis a pity I didn't leave enough yarn to make pom poms at the end. That would complete the look.

*hugging the soft scarf*


Anonymous said...

Wow... that's nice....


MC said...

Ohhhh...loosk really nice :) Me likey!

Kimmy said...

I like the colours :)

geekchic said...


Does it shed? alpaca? my merino-mohair is SHEDDING like well, as you've put it: rabbits going on at it on my favourite black coat. ARGH.