June 01, 2009

My Herb Bucket

Living in an apartment does not grant me the privilege of a garden.

Before you start thinking that I've completely done a 180 degrees change in personality, no, I do not enjoy gardening or have a green thumb for that matter.

In my cooking, many a time I'd require a selection of herbs. Even though I have bottles of dried herbs, using fresh herbs in my dishes really gives them a better punch of flavour compared to the dried ones. Unfortunately, buying packets of fresh herbs from the supermarket is expensive, especially since I do not use them in every meal. Yes, I can freeze them, but it dries them up, which makes it hardly any difference from using dried herbs from a bottle. After a while, the herbs rot, and I have to chuck them. It's a waste of money.

In the end, I've decided to buy pots of herbs and keep it on my balcony instead. During a visit to a friend's home, I saw how she potted the herbs into a large bucket, which gave me the idea to do the same as well. A trip to The Reject Shop to get the bucket, and to Bunnings to get pots of herbs and potting mix, I was on my way to have my own little herb "garden".

20090530 Herb Bucket

I originally wanted to grow coriander, as that's the herb I use the most in my cooking (on fish, curry, etc). However, after doing plenty of research on the Internet, I found out that coriander is pretty difficult to maintain. It is best that I stick to the easier herbs for now, before I venture into the less hardy plants.

20090530 Basil

Basil (not looking good, I'm afraid)

20090530 Italian Parsley

Italian parsley

20090530 Pink Rosemary

Pink rosemary

I potted these two months ago. Of the three herbs, the Italian parsley thrived the best. They taste great too!

Next up, I'm going to try my hand at growing chilli and capsicum. They're incredibly pretty in their pots, with the vibrant red and yellow against the green.


Mayni said...

My chilli plant died real fast. i shouldn't have moved it out of the pot...sigh..so tip no.1. leave the chilli plant alone!! lol

shleesy said...

Basil is easy to maintain and they grow real fast. I trimmed it so that it won't outgrow the size of my pot :)

cheryl said...

Yes coriander is a toughie. Mine died after 4 months. Oh and my in laws grow fantastic chilli.. its exactly like chilli padi back home!

Evelyn said...

Wah... Green fingers eh... If I plant cactus, it dies too... So...