October 27, 2009

Sleeping Habits

20091027 Sleeping Habits

I fall asleep under unusual circumstances. Unless I'm terribly exhausted, in which case I would doze off the minute my head touches my pillow, I need sounds to fall asleep. My husband thinks it's very weird of me to wait up for our night street sweeper to clean the street before I could sleep. The whirring sound of the sweeping was oddly soothing, and while listening to it, I dozed off.

That was when we slept by the window. Months ago, in order to create more space in our room, we rearranged the furniture and the bed is now away from the window. The sweeper man does not come by on schedule anymore. With that, I have to either listen to podcasts on my iPod Touch to fall asleep, or one of the many sounds of nature albums I have in there. Apparently I need to be either in a "jungle" or at the "beach" to be able to sleep.

Suffice to say, living in the 'burbs in future where it's so quiet you would be able to hear your own thoughts would really not work for me. Tim prefers the silence; I enjoy listening to the noise coming from the Greek restaurant nearby. He wants our future home to be away from the train tracks whereas I would not mind at all (sure, there's that thing about property value decreasing near the train tracks, but that's another story).

What different sleeping habits we have. Or how utterly strange mine is.


beetrice said...

hehe...dun worry, you're not the only one leh - I also cannot sleep in complete quiet (feels too eerie for me, I keep waking up)

zewt said...

ask tim to snore.