November 11, 2009

Summer Is Here, and I Hate It

The summer has finally hit us. And it has hit me bad. The heat (this week, the temperatures have been around 35C) and very low humidity have turned me into an extremely unpleasant person to be with. I'm cranky most of the time, and unfortunately, the husband bore the brunt of it. If I was living in my own home, I'd be walking around in my shortest pair of shorts (that has a torn hole on the bum) with the bedroom door wide open. No thanks to having a housemate, I'm bloody stuck in the room if I want to be cooling down in my birthday suit. Well, not that I do, but you know what you mean.

This summer is going to be really bad. I can feel it in my bones. This time last year, when my in-laws came to Melbourne for a visit, we were still in our jackets enjoying the crisp, cool air. Now, I need a standing fan and an evaporative cooler just to keep me comfortable. Sunscreens are being used like water.

I can only imagine what January and, worse, February would be like. Time to see what else we can do to keep the place cool.

That, and my sanity intact.


pelf said...

I know! You can come back to Terengganu during CNY lah. It's not that hot and humid here, plus you get to meet family members :)

beetrice said...'s ok, you'll be back here for Dec...and by the time you go back in Jan, you'll have more than enough to do/try instead of worrying about the heat! :D

PS: I super hate the heat too...when I was in Perth, the maximum during summer was 47 degrees!! -_-

Mummy said...

you wanna exchange for the cold, wet, blustery, depressing, wintry weather here?

charmedcookie said...

time to use the freezer to make lots and lots of ice cubes!! ;)

erick said...

and so your prediction is absolutely correct, looking at the weather on Monday 11/1 - 43 degrees in Melbourne!