November 25, 2009

The Inevitable Questions

As the date of my trip to Malaysia draws near, the apprehension of being bombarded with questions that I dread also looms over me. I don't think all of the people whom I would be meeting read this blog, but if they do, well, here are your questions and my answers.

Q: So how? Any baby in the making? When are you popping babies?
A: No bun in the oven just yet, and when we decide to start a family, well, that's respectfully our business.
(I don't understand why people even ask this question in the first place. It's such a personal question and decision. And even if we do want to start a family, how does it affect them, other than to satisfy their nosy curiosity? I'm sure there are better topics for small talk.)

Q: Goodness me, have you put on weight?!
A: Why hello, how are YOU doing? Yes, thanks very much for noticing *with the widest grin I can muster*
(Another personal question which has no effect on the other party whatsover. It's just like me asking a man with receding hairline, "goodness me, are you losing your hair?")

Q: So, have you found a job yet? Are you working yet?
A: Yes I have, and yes I am. Here's my card *whip one out*
(Any way to spread the word about my store is good. Even if I have to be completely shameless about it)

It's inevitable that I'll be asked these questions quite often. I'll just try my hardest not to be sarky about my answers.

*fingers crossed*


Yan said...

Good on Ya.
I think from now on, whoever who ask me those questions, i will just copy and paste your answer.

jemima said...

I won't ask. I promise.

I will give you a hug & say "Hello, my friend."

missyK said...

I get the first two questions ALL THE TIME and it's so irritating. It's as though they have the right to ask and our obligation to answer.

I think it's just Asian mentality.
"When you getting married? When you having a baby? ..."

Anyways, hope to see you in Penang! :)

Gallivanter said...

Blame it on society for the drilling of the questions while we were growing up. :-P

pelf said...

My snarkiest comment when people ask me when I'm getting married is the standard, "Already, yesterday."

And if that person is mean, I would add, "I just didn't invite you."

That usually shut people up, LOL.

littleComma said...

Hahha ... Those are indeed inevitable questions people tend to ask frequently. Now that I already have 2 boys, people are still asking when is the 3rd one coming along. Asking me to still try for a baby girl. Trust me, even if I have 3 already, they will be asking for the 4th.

beetrice said...

LOL!! oh, and you left out the "wah, your own business sure very free hor? what you do everyday ah?" (inevitable wan!)

"when you popping kids?" seems less offensive compared to "when you getting married?" but that's just me lah! :D nemmind nemmind...will have plenty of "shop-talk" when we gets to BANGKOK! *wheee*

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with Beetrice, "when you getting married?" is a lot worst...

Have you put on weight?!/Lose weight seems to be the standard question too... although I dun understand why some ppl think I put on weight while some others think that I lose them... or is it them just trying to find topics?


Mummy said...

You can answer off 3 questions by being pregnant :)

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am pregnant. And yes, I have obviously put on weight. And yes, I will be working FULL TIME 24/7 as a mother"

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way for the first question. Try to answer in a nice way, but actually I wanna say "why don't you zip your mouth? It's none of ur business!!"

Lingzie said...

ooo i hate those inevitable questions (though in my case the first would be substituted with 'when are you getting married?')
seriously its none of their freaking business when i get married, when i wanna start a family and if i have put on weight!!
should answer that question with 'soon, but i have no money so would you care to fund the wedding/feed the baby'

and that put on weight question with 'yeah, cos im freaking happy. and happy ppl put on a lil weight. unlike you poor unhappy soul'.

ok im angst-y :P

Anonymous said...

I tend to tell them how much babysitting and formula costs in the states and then I invite them to come and visit/babysit. People shut up very quickly after that :)

When are you arriving in Penang? So excited to see you. More wedding dress drama but I'll fill you in when you get back.


Anonymous said...

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Mirebella said...

Hmmm.. I absolutely dislike those questions and its a vicious vicious circle.

After all of 2 1/2 months of marriage - the q now is

1) How is married life? - from friends especially
2) When are the kids coming? - from the parents/in laws


My reply - is stock standard

A1) No diff from single life
A2) When you guys come over here to look after em - I enjoy work too much to give it up for some rugrats.

Naturally the next q from A2 is - your not getting any younger, at least have 1...


Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?