April 16, 2010

About Having A Housemate

Things I Won't Miss

Having complete freedom to the washing machine (don't have to wake up extra early in the morning to do the laundry, just to find that the housemate has beaten you to it), telly, couch, refridgerator ... the whole house, really.

Being able to walk around in my birthday suit in the living room. Not that I do that. Often.

Being able to leave the bedroom door open and free to do whatever I want without be subjected to any nosy glances.

Being able to cook anything I want, fry anything smelly without the housemate opening the door and windows loudly in disgust.

Being able to do it anywhere in the house, without having to keep completely silent. Yes, even the laundry room. *wink wink*

Things I Will Miss


That about sums it up, doesn't it?


Leyenda said...

I dunno, all the things you won't miss sound pretty good to me... ;)

littleComma said...

loads of privacy ... enjoy !

Ling said...

lol at doing it anywhere in the house

Mirebella said...

Right on!

I'm so used to living in our space now that when we had BF's cousin staying with us for a coupla months, it was weird. And to top it off, he wasnt very clean either.

Yes, personal - PRIVATE space is great..