August 15, 2010

A Sneak Peek Into Our Humble Abode

As promised, some photos of the new home :)

A tiny abode, if I do say so myself, but quite a charming one. It's still very bare though, and terribly messy, as you can tell from the photographs. No hurry in decorating the place I say. Rome wasn't built in a day, and so's interior decorating!

20100813 New Home 1

A favourite feature of the house, which we will probably never use. Yep, it's an honest-to-God fireplace, that can build honest-to-God fires in winter. We haven't tried it out just yet, although the previous owner left us the cast-iron thingy that holds firelogs. Next winter perhaps. For now, it serves more of a decorative feature in the house than anything else. I'm also on a lookout for a good ornamental clock to replace the current Kmart clock above the mantelpiece. Any ideas?

20100813 New Home 2

As small as the house is, I'm real glad that the kitchen is big. Ample space to store all things kitcheny :P

20100813 New Home 3

So there you go, a peek into our humble abode. Next items to get would be at least three bookshelves for the many books we have, and dining chairs. Hubs and I are currently having our meals on a foldable garden chair and a tiny stool, which we take turns to sit on (no prizes for guessing which seat we prefer). We're still on the lookout for the dining chairs, so if we do have housewarming parties, etc in our place, the invitations would state "BYO Chair". No kidding.

Ahh ... it's great to be home :)


Val said...

Congratulations to the new place and it looks lovely!!!

beetrice said...

yay!! :) you're finally in the new place! the place looks gorgeous - and dayumn if the kitchen isn't making me all house-broody too... :p

Mirebella said...

The house is lovely Tine! I've been browsing home mags and online blogs for home inspiration ideas ... wish I had a fireplace at home.. lol. Oh, the Aug issue of Real Living has some great ideas for mantlepiece deco's .:)

Have fun!

Kimmy said...

Congrats on your new home!! It's lovely :)

charmedcookie said...

looks cozy even with minimum furniture! :)

littleComma said...

love your place, Tine ! :) Love the flooring, the fireplace, the white kitchen ! Congrates !

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thank you for sharing your new place Tine, I had no idea that you have a personal blog too, otherwise I would have visited you earlier :) cute place and very cozy... enjoy your new place :)

StellaPreston said...

It's so cute !
Look forward to more photo's once it is decorated :)