October 01, 2010

A Rut? You Think?

This space has been very sadly neglected for the past month. In fact, I've been finding trouble even coming up with something to write, or to update on what's going in my life. It's just the same.

Same old, same old.

I envy those who update regularly with pictures of what they've been doing, places they've been visiting, people they've been seeing. Our weekends now consist of the same old routine:
- Yumcha (or brunch)
- Grocery shopping
- Gardening
- Cleaning up the house
- Washing the car
- Occasionally meeting up with friends

Tim's routine when he's back from work, and he'll laugh when he sees this, because I always tease him about it:
- Takes off his shoes
- Pours some wine
- Lies on the couch
- Turns on the telly
- Drinks some wine
- Eats some Shapes

A rut? You think?


Timodee said...

in my defense, shapes and wine complement each other very well :P (if you haven't tried it, please do, hehe)

geekchic said...

Which wine and which flavour of shapes? :P

With Love, Elle said...

i miss melb roses!!!! wow u have orange ones, i only got pink ones hehe

xoxo elle
ps: thanks for ya wishes!