October 06, 2010

Taking A Stroll In My Garden

I like gardens, but am not a fan of tending one. That's why I love our home so much, because the only bits of garden we get are strips of nature which are easily manageable. I was so excited when I found out that we have rose plants in our garden, and even more so when a couple of them started to bloom.

20101006 Rose 1

20101006 Rose 2

20101006 White Flowers 1

20101006 White Flowers 2

Future additions to the garden: another herb bucket (for parsley, mint and something-else), lime, capsicum, chillis. And maybe some cyclamens and daisies.


littleComma said...

wow, Tine ! I love the little flowers in white. So dainty and sweet. Nice garden !

All Made Up said...

Ooooh, these look stunning! Unfortunately my garden is quite small so I only have room for a few herb plants (basil, mint, parsley etc) but I'd love to grow roses.

I bet they smell beautiful and you can always press them and put them in picture frames when you can tell they're on their last legs :)

goldblog said...

wow flower lover.