June 07, 2005

Birthday Weekend

Had a great weekend. My friend/neighbour moved out from Takasaki to Kodaira. Followed her there, and also met up with a couple more friends. They just moved from Sagami to Kodaira too, and are in the midst of unpacking. Sad to say, the girl's dorm is a lot smaller than the one I'm staying at Takasaki. Let's just say, they weren't at all pleased with their living conditions. The entire dormitory shares ONE bathroom. Sad!! I wanted to try out the ofuro, but it wasn't filled with water over the weekend. Darn. Still, I don't think I can drag the other two with me. They aren't exactly into the idea of bathing together (no funny ideas now!). One of them even found boogers on her futon! Euuuuwww...gross.

We hung out at Kokubunji, walked to town, went shopping at lil' quaint shops. It's definitely more happening than Takasaki, I'd have to say. Oh, and they got me a very lovely birthday cake too. Sweet!

Can't wait to meet 'em again this weekend. Kokubunji... my second home. Heh

Mumsy told me to get something I'd like for my birthday, which she will reimburse later. Gave her a lil' hole in her pocket by getting meself a Burberry purse. I am such a good daughter. I could have gotten an LV, y'know, seeing how darn popular the brand is over here. Still, I prefer the classics.

PS: Bea dahlink, thanks for the sweet blog on my birthday. Hugs for you.


Adrian said...

Waaah!!! Burberry ah! Where you buy ah? Batu Ferringhi ah? How much ar? RM 30 ar? Waaah... looks very real arh!! :p

Tine said...

Oi! Real one ah!! You'll see how "real" it is this weekend :p

Albert said...

Happy bday tine,

hope you got my email.