June 30, 2005

Friends to Malaysia

Good news - a couple of my Japanese girlfriends are coming to Malaysia for a visit. They'll be staying with me during their stay in Penang for a couple of days. I'm very excited. They will be visiting Kuala Lumpur for a few days before coming up to Penang; they are flying to Penang on the same day I return to Malaysia. The ironic thing is that they will be in Malaysia before me. Argh. Still, an itinerary of a Penang tour is currently being planned. I hope to show them as much of my hometown as I can. No prizes for guessing what we'll be doing the most (a hint - it fills our hungry stomachs) :)

At lunch today, I gave them (and two other friends) a couple of Malaysian instant noodle packets (Maggi Sup Tulang and chicken-flavoured bihun soup), as they were left to me by a Malaysian colleague who was here in Japan for 3 weeks. Hopefully it will give them a very brief taste of what Malaysian food is like. Oh, how I miss Malaysian food!

The weather has been really crazy lately. It is really hot outdoors. Imagine walking about in a sauna. Plus, it is also the rainy season in Japan right now, so it's hot one moment, raining and dreary the next. It's little wonder why I'd fall sick in such circumstances.


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Adrian said...

Oh yes, feed them loads of salt and MSG. Mmnn, cepat dimasak, cepat botak. :p