August 09, 2005

My Office Desk

Cousin B complained that I have not been updating my blog. Since I don't have anything remotely interesting to write about (I DO have quite a boring life), and that I'm at work now, I guess I'll write this.

Items on my work desk:

1. Desktop computer, with headphones hanging off the CPU
2. A manky mousepad
3. Stationery holder, with bits of pens and pencils sticking out
4. Floppy disks (passe, but still useful for transfer of teeny files)
5. Clorets mints
6. Two desk calendars (an ugly one given by a vendor, and a cute one with pictures of puppies on it) - for the love of me, I don't know why I need two calendars
7. Post-Its - used for sticking reminders all over my monitor, and also for taking messages for my colleagues (for you lot reading this, I AM NOT YOUR SECRETARY!!)
8. Two scientific calculators - I was given a fancypants one, which unfortunately, I have no idea how to use
9. Small teddy bear, a gift from someone very dear to me
10. Big handheld fan, brought back from Japan
11. Files and documents
12. A small pink thingamajig that resembles a small purse, which I hang in front of me, (a souvenir from an ex-colleague who went to Hadyai)
13. Small box of tissues which has Looney Tunes characters on it.
14. Mobile phone
15. Thumbdrive
16. Stack of my business cards.
17. Business card holder

Not very imaginative, eh?

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