July 02, 2006

Football And A Movie

Just came back from watching the movie Superman Returns.

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All in all, it was pretty meh. Typical Superman movie, rescuing the city in trouble, the damsel in distress, yadah, yadah, yadah. Quite boring, actually. Brandon Routh, who plays Superman, was bland. He's good-looking, but cookie-cutter good-looking, y'know? Typical of what you'd see on the cover of romance novels. Very chiseled looks. The entire movie lasts 2 hours 45 minutes, which was far too long for me (hell, it's not even an epic!). I fell asleep halfway during the movie. Yeah, kinda sums up the movie, don't you think?

In between, I watched the Germany vs. Argentina game last night. It ended at 1.45am, cos neither team was winning (tied 1-1), so they had a penalty shootout to determine the winner. I cannot believe Germany won! Argh. Anyways, I was asleep on and off during the game, cos it was already so late. And now, I'm left with a stinkin' headache which lasted all day. Don't think I can stay up for the England vs. Portugal match tonight. I hope Portugal wins though *grin*.

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charmedcookie said...

meister Germany!