July 04, 2006

Weekend Countdown

This weekend: Genting Highlands with the family. Aunt and her family are back from the US for a holiday, so we'll be driving there. Road trip! A holiday which I do not need to pay for. Ahh ... bliss *grin*.

2 weekends from today: Bangkok, baby! Gotta be prepared for LOTS of shopping and self-pampering. This is going to drill a big hole in the pocket though. Oh what the hell, I need the break.

11 weekends from today: Kota Kinabalu for a friend's wedding. Another four days of what I hope would be relaxation, fun and reunion with old friends. I can't wait!

As for the weekends in between, feel free to ask me out *wink*.

1 comment:

beetrice said...

haha...the BKK trip has ALREADY burned a hole in my pocket.. :) you should see my last month's credit card bill...*horror music playing*