May 28, 2009

016 No More

Dad emailed me yesterday, and told me that my Malaysian mobile phone number has finally bitten the dust. I've been maintaining that number ever since I came to Australia with Dad's help in sending RM2 to my phone every 3 months just to keep the number activated. I completely forgot about it when I left Malaysia after Chinese New Year this year, thus forgetting to remind him to send that RM2 to the phone. Calls of plea to DiGi did not help. Apparently, when it's dead, it's dead.

Can't believe I don't have that phone number anymore. I've had it for six years, and now that it's gone, I'm pretty sad about it. Sigh.

So people, if you have my Malaysian 016-xxx number, you can feel free to delete that from your address book as it's no longer valid. When I'm back in Malaysia, I'll have to get a new one.



.val. said...

My 016 number is well and alive for the past 10 years. Not to mention I'm already in Melbourne for 5 years now. Hehe.

Adino said...

Was it a 'nice' number? You know, something like 8888?

beetrice said...

awww...016, you shall be missed... :)

Evelyn said...

aw... I had so many dead numbers on my shelf liao