May 05, 2009

Lo and Behold

Yep, I finally passed my driving test.

Full Victoria Drivers License

I was a nervous wreck on test day. When I met up with my driving instructor (I used her car during the test, and she came along as well), Gayle, I had to run back home twice because I've forgotten to bring extra cash for the test, and also forgotten my passport and proof of address. By the time I got back to the car, I was already sweating, even though it was a cold and crisp day.

In retrospect, I was really glad to have Gayle with me the whole time, even though she couldn't help or talk to me during the test. Thank God for a gentle lady examiner too, who gave me very clear instructions without having to bark them out. The only critical error I made was when I completed the test and headed back to Vicroads. By then, the examiner decided to let me off the hook.

So yep, I'm now a holder of a full Victorian driver's license. No more L-lesen for me. Whee!

Now, more importantly, what car shall I get?


Eric Liu said...

Congrates...Maybe you can try driving Tim's Scooby. Shouldn't be too hard.
Please let him know i'm looking for him.Dunno whether he passed or not

Cheryl said...

Congratulations! I on the other hand am still on my L's. Hahahaha.... Will one day work up the determination to take the test for once and for all. :)

I so get what you mean by the exaggerated mirror checks. Can't get used to it!

Leyenda said...

Hooray! Well done! Now you can plan a nice driving trip up to Brisbane maybe? ;)

jemima said...

*gives Tine a pat on the back* :)

Great! Now I can get you to pick me up from Tullamarine. ;)

mayni said...

oh congrats! Good on ya. i was lucky to be able to just convert my perth licence no test for me!

get a hummmmmer!!! ok bad for environment...maybe prius? lol

geekchic said...

mini cooper s. damn cool and cute and easy to do parallel parking if you need to ;)

Mummy said...


Timodee said...

Tine wants a mazda 3...the last I heard...but I'll only approve an MPS (turbocharged version)...hehe;)

Tine said...

Thanks :) He should know the results by the end of the week.

Just turn your head more often. Even if you're not technically looking at the mirror, it'd look like you did :P

Oh it's on! :D

Not a problem, my dear ;)

I'd take a Hummer anytime! Prius are wussy. HAHAHAHA

Expensive lar, European cars :(

I wanted a Micra for a long time, but Tim hated it. I stopped looking out for it for a while, and in the end, I realised it wasn't all that after all. Hang on, don't you have a Micra? :P

Excuse Mister? I need YOUR approval??????????????????????????????? *AHEM*


beetrice said... has been a WAAAY long time since I've seen Timodee add a comment... :D

get a honda jazz lor...hehe... :D or if you're in the mood for something more easy-riding, a toyota...mmm...