May 29, 2009

The Weekend Beckons

The weekend approaches. I've got nothing planned. The idea of chilling out with a book sounds just about the ticket. Tim's on call tomorrow, so I'll be on my own. I've thought of heading to the city, but the thought of cramming in a train full of people, especially during the swine flu season, freaked me out a little.

Speaking of which, Victoria now has 98 confirmed cases at the time of writing, whereas the rest of the states are not that badly affected. It's scary, is what it is. When I first heard on the news to stock up on food and necessities, I went out and bought quite a bit of canned food and loo paper. Oh yeah, the latter is a necessity. Imagine stuck in a loo without loo paper. Gulp.


What's up for the weekend with you?

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Kamigoroshi said...

Considering I work in a path lab where they do these tests, you'd think I have more reason to be afraid, but the truth is, there is nothing to worry about. A lot of what matters gets lost between the media hype and the general apathy of the public.

Yes it is dangerous especially if your immune system is weak, but if you take proper precautions, like keeping a good hygene (e.g washing your hands after being out or using a tissue to cover your mouth when you sneeze of couth), it lowers the risk of spreading.

As for what's up this weekend, it's my usual geekout weekend. No idea what I'm going to geek out on yet, but if there is a new program to test or home stuff to DIY, I'm on it.