August 04, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Ahh guilty pleasures. Those little things you do in secret that give you an immense high. I don't mean sex and drugs, of course. I've got lots of little guilty pleasures that I enjoy. Like reading trashy mags while I'm in the loo. Sneaking a cheese slice and ham from the fridge without forming a sandwich. And many more.

What's your guilty pleasure?


Anonymous said...

"Sneaking a cheese slice and ham from the fridge without forming a sandwich."

Hmm... I remember the ham eating part, u still haven't get out of that? me neither ;)

Didn't know u extend to cheese now... tsk ;)


Anonymous said...

I have thoughts of killing myself because my ex-boyfriend left me.

Tine said...

BC: I've always had that weakness for cheese. I guess I just didn't do it in front of you folks :P

Anonymous: I understand your pain as I've gone through it too. But please don't do anything rash. Seek help. No, I don't mean you should check yourself into an institution. Talk to your close friends. Keep yourself occupied. Remember, no man is worth you ending your life for.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... cheese too?
Never realised that. So eating ham and cheese without the bread, it is almost like me eating Big Mac minus most of the bread part.
With the fries and drink, I can't possible finish the whole Big Mac, so I choose to eat up the fillings and not the bread.

As for my guilty pleasure, that is to walk into a restaurant alone with no occasion in mind and ordered myself a full meal. Sinful. It is very bad. At the process of lightening my wallet, I managed to stuff my tummy.


littleComma said...

when i buy something secretly online without hubby knowing. hahha ... he only finds out when the parcel arrives.

Bethany said...

One of my guilty pleasures is buying perfume endorsed by famous celebrities. I know they are a rip off sometimes.