August 14, 2009

Shoop Shoop

Update: The ski trip was canceled. Hubs was too tired. Oh well, next year then.

Guess where I'm heading to this Saturday?

20090813 Mt Buller
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I haven't done this in years, but I reckon it's time to face my fears and head the skis full on once more. To cut the story short, some kids laughed at me when I tried skiing for the first time, fell down, and couldn't get up. Not only did they not help me up, they pointed at me, laughed, shouted to their parents what I was doing wrong, and then ran away. Nasty lil' tykes they were. I was traumatised, I tell you.

Anyway, let's do this baby one more time, eh? Mt Buller, here I come!


PB said...

My first ski trip was at Mt. Buller! I had a great time even if I did fall down in the end and couldn't get up :D

Gallivanter said...

Wowee! Have a great time! :-)

jemima said...

Gosh! I really miss the things I used to do around Victoria. :(

BC said...

I didn't know abt this story. I also dislike skiing with the one and only experience during our 3rd year. Hope one day we will overcome this.