August 10, 2009

Lawrence Leung's Why Can't I Be More Chinese?

I don't normally post Youtube videos here, and I know this is probably very late and that it's already widely circulated, but I just have to share this with those who's not seen the video.

Here's Lawrence Leung, trying to be more Chinese. It's hilarious!

As much as a banana that I am (y'know, yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Hey I've been called that all my life, so I don't find it offensive. Apologies if you do), I'm glad I've got a leg up over him ;)


geekchic said...

his show: adventures of Laurence Leong were up on ABC sometime ago. We used to watch cos he's so freaking funny! A local Melbourne boy, i think he went to Box Hill High School (peppered with smart asian kids with kiasu asian parents). I think he still lives with his parents in box hill. hee hee :D

zewt said...

oooOOOooo... (commenting on your latest post)