June 04, 2010

Five Years From First It Began

Blog's Fifth Anniversary

I remembered the first day I started blogging. I didn't really know what it was, only that my cousin was doing it, and being the kiasu (afraid to lose) person that I am, I too had to jump onboard. I wasn't all that much of a funny person, and I still am not, so finding funny and entertaining things to say was quite a feat. I mean, that's what blogs are for, right? All that witty stories and repartee? No? Damn, that's five years down the drain.

This blog wasn't the first one I started. I was going through a very difficult time back then, and I started writing on a completely anonymous blog which I told no one about. I was angsty, an emotional wreck and it was carthartic putting all that emotion into words. When I started writing this blog, I wasn't sure what I wanted out of it. I was still an emotional wreck then; I didn't want to put my heart on my sleeve (well, in this case, on the web). In the end, I did.

When I began writing this post, I went through a few blog posts of mine which I wrote in 2005. It was such an incredible journey that I went through, and I'm so thankful I had it in writing. It brought back a wave of memories - some good, some bad. It was as though time stopped for me, just for a little while, as I went through what I wrote all those years ago. How I've changed to be the person I am now as the years went on.

This blog has seen me on my travels. My broken heart. My discovery of true friends. My love for my family. My falling in love. My move from Malaysia to Australia. My married life. Me.

Today marks my 5th year of blogging. I'm glad this was something I saw through for that long, even though I do not update as often as I did before. I could say here's to many more years to come, but for once I shan't be that optimistic. Let's just take it as it comes. Who knows, one day I'll finally say "here's to a decade".


Elizabeth said...

Happy blogaversary! :D

Leyenda said...

Congrats Christine, that's a fantastic effort! Be a little optimistic, here's to another five years. *clink*

Oh and have you got your iPad yet? ;)

jemima said...

Wishing you a Blessed Blogaversary! :D

beetrice said...

it's been an awesome journey, no doubt about it - can't wait to read more! :D

littleComma said...

Hi Tine, I enjoy reading your blog ! Keep up the great job !

missyK said...

A toast to your 5 years blog milestone! Keep on going Tine.

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