June 28, 2010

Just Over A Month To Go

Just over a month to go to our settlement date. Exciting, yet money-draining times. On one hand, we're thankful we don't have a lot of big items to move to the new place; on the other, well, we have to now get those big items. Items such as a washing machine, couch (expensive things they are, even for the ones of really lousy quality) and a TV entertainment unit (currently, the TV is on our dining table, and we eat on the floor. No kidding. We've been eating on the floor for over two years).

The items on lower priority would be bedside tables, lamps, and other bits and bobs. I'm planning to get some of them from eBay. You'd be surprised at how much good stuff people are willing to get rid off at very low prices.

We've already started packing, which is a good thing. Didn't realise just how many books the two of us have, especially me. I gave quite a lot of other items away to Salvos, but books, books I keep. IKEA's looking pretty good when it comes to looking for affordable bookshelves, I reckon.

Exciting times, but money-hemorrhaging ones indeed.


Anonymous said...

Gumtree is a good place to get some good bargains. Just buy the things u need and slowly top up with what u want. Couch was the last thing i bought for the house, we sat on bean bags for 2 years ended up with sored lower back...hahaha!Good luck!

Mirebella said...

The house is a huge money pit, unless one is careful that is.. I wanted to re-do the kitchen (not that there was anything wrong with it now but it needed a spruce) but after much thought, its now on hold... :p

Sofa's and the TV unit are super ex! We bit the bullet and bought ours (managed to sell our old one to person who bought our previous unit) - but the fridge was bought after several months, I was just lucky that BF had it all..

Look at it this way, its an excuse to shop! :)

May said...

oh. it looks like it's time for us to catch up SOON! After my antique furniture, I had no money left so had to buy my bookcase from Ikea. I think it looks great for the price I paid for. Key thing is, without the doors, it looks like a student bookcase. With doors, it looks quite good, with lights, nobody will guess it's from ikea ;)

Call me to catch up over lunch/dins soon 'k??