June 02, 2010

Turning Thirty

20100602 Mt Wellington, Hobart

I join the 3-0 bandwagon this Saturday. At first, there was that "OMG-I'm-turning-thirty-there's-no-going-back-I'm-oid!" feeling. And then I figured, it's not so bad. Life's good (well, as good as it can get), so I can't complain. I've got good friends celebrating the occasion with me this weekend at Nobu. I'm finally moving to a place of our own in a couple of months. This three weeks at Tasmania has been an awesome holiday with Tim.

Oh, and I'm getting an iPad.

Who said turning thirty was bad? :)

PS: Let's not go to the "having-kids-now-that-you're-in-your-thirties" chapter yet, eh?


jemima said...

You're still a baby. ;)

Have a Blessed Birthday, my friend.


pelf said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Tine! On top of good health and lotsa happiness, I wish that you stay pretty always :D

Mirebella said...

Happy *belated* bday Tine. Just got back from KL (and from a mates wedding somemore!..so can you just imagine the "when are you gonna have kids" q or from the parents of wanting grandkids..eeks!)

30 is the new 20 hun... age is but a number hey ;)

missyK said...

Happy belated birthday Tine and you're getting an ipad??? I am so jealous!