May 13, 2005

100 Things About Me

Took me quite a while to come up with this.


1. Loved ones call me Tine (pronounced Tin, not "Tain").
2. I have a dog called Tiger. He's named after my parents' favourite golfer.
3. I love twiddling with my hair.
4. My mostly-used words are "S**t" (let's keep it clean) and "bloody hell" (I'm sure there are more though).
5. I hate baked beans. Hate. Them.
6. I think Hugh Jackman's very drool-worthy.
7. I wish I was a singer.
8. I hate playing the piano to perform.
9. I do not know my blood type.
10. I'm afraid of needles.
11. I do not know what to do with my life.
12. I use simulation results at work as a "wallpaper" on my computer screen, when in truth, I'm reading other people's blogs.
13. I hate carnations. Cheapo flowers!
14. I love collecting postcards.
15. Ditto for bags.
16. I really need a shower right now.
17. My favourite umbrella is red, with a duck-shaped head. It was a gift from a dear friend. I hardly use it in case it gets damaged from the rain.
18. I love good surprises (gifts, hugs, kisses, any good things).
19. I hate bad surprises.
20. I cannot sleep without my little bolster which I have had since I was 8.
21. I never get calls from the house telephone (but then again, people call me on my mobile phone), therefore I never answer it.
22. I hate having to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.
23. My favourite TV show is FRIENDS. I've watched all the episodes more than 10 times over.
24. I'm struggling to think of any more stuff about me to write (damnit, I'm only at #24!!).
25. I'm a magazine junkie. The amount of money I spent on magazines in the UK for 3 years would be enough for a trip around Europe.
26. I think Japanese men are ugly (although I HAVE met some VERY cute ones ;))
27. I love the colour pink *blush*.
28. I have a bunch of wooden flowers in a vase on my desk, and I wonder what it is for.
29. I just got a text message from a friend, asking me to go to a young adults' cell group.
30. I feel old.
31. I think books, movies, etc by John Grisham are boring.
32. I just spoke with a friend who called from Japan. Thanks pal! :)
33. I push all my soft toys off my bed when I go to sleep (hey, I need my space!).
34. I wish I could find someone who loves jazz as much as I do.
35. I have a lot of photographs of me in my room.
36. I'm vain.
37. My favourite supermarket's Tesco (in the UK, and also back home).
38. I love reading.
39. I have 3 books on my bedside table, all read half-way (I really gotta finish at least one of 'em).
40. I once scraped Mumsy's car against one of the columns at the porch of my house, and I covered it up by filling the scraped areas with a metallic silver pen.
41. I have NEVER had a full body checkup. For all I know, I could be rotting away with cancer *shudder*.
42. I love playing computer games.
43. I sometimes cheat at computer games.
44. I type with 4 fingers on me left hand, and 1 finger on my right.
45. I have a PDA, but I prefer to use my trusty ol' Filofax.
46. I think Catherine Zeta Jones is hot! (lousy actress though)
47. Out of all the Winnie The Pooh characters, I like Tigger best.
48. I can't sleep with the light on.
49. I love using fluffy, large terry-clothed towels.
50. When I first heard of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield, I thought he was writing about the illusionist.
51. I hate sports.
52. Especially football.
53. And golf.
54. I have way too much clothes in my wardrobe.
55. The last time I went horse-riding, I thought I was going to die from too much of bumping up and down against the horse.
56. I hate the smell of rain.
57. My favourite alcoholic drink is vodka with lime. Also vodka with cranberry juice. Heck, vodka with anything.
60. I spent hundreds of ringgit on expensive haircare products when I think that "FOLLOW ME" probably does the same job as well.
61. I love to eat prawns.
62. My first crush was Jason Donovan.
63. I brought some work back home to do today, but I'm not going to do it.
64. I'd love to go to Paris one day.
65. I love sucking and chewing on ice.
66. I think flying cockroaches are the vilest creatures ever lived on Earth.
67. When I do the quizzes in girly magazines, I sometimes peek at the answers to make sure I get the right ones.
68. I used to say I liked listening to alternative music, when in truth, I only said that 'cos my friends liked it. I was 13.
69. I heard this position's hot *wink wink*.
70. I have a weird need to please people.
71. My favourite song is "It Might Be You" by Stephen Bishop.
72. I love watching Sex and the City.
73. I NEVER read the Sports pages of newspapers.
74. I read the obituaries in the newspapers to see how many children the deceased have.
75. I think of how amazing I am to have reached almost 3/4 of this post :p
76. I always remove my wristwatch when I'm typing on a computer.
77. I have a notice board in my room with nothing on it.
78. I'm currently craving for a tall glass of iced lemon tea *mmmmmmm*
79. My first extravagant purchase with my first paycheck was an el-cheapo DVD player.
80. I get queasy from watching people donate blood.
81. I had my first crush (on a real boy!) when I was 11. He doesn't know I exist.
82. I can cross-stich and knit.
83. I can't cook.
84. Once, I went shopping for clothes at 12.30am. Only in KL, baby!
85. I love the smell of a new book.
86. I can't parallel-park my car without trying at least 5 times.
87. I hate wet bathroom floors.
88. I had my first Walkman when I was 11.
89. I panic easily.
90. I need to read something before going to sleep (even if it's really boring).
91. I do not hang posters of movie stars, pop stars, or of anybody (other than me!) on the wall 'cos I think their eyes are on me all the time, and that freaks me out.
92. When I'm really nervous, I get stomach aches.
93. I hate eating raw onions.
94. And durians (eeeeeuuuuuwwww!!)
95. I have never won any contests.
96. Classical music makes me sleep (I like listening to 'em though).
97. I've always wanted to have a hamster as a pet but I'm afraid I'd accidentally sit on it.
98. I love shopping :)
99. I hate watching horror movies.
100. I'm sleepy (finally, #100!!)


Hebron said...

Im sleepy must the all time favourite. You actually wrote 100 things .. wow

Tine said...

Oh well, it's not as if I have much to do around here. Plus, it can be pretty enlightening (bet you folks are "enlightened" too :))

bc said...

Hey...I know who gave u ur favourite umbrella, but guess u dun know who gave him the idea.... :p Me! ;)

And I can't believe i have to register into this blog to comment on this! Now... what am I going to do with a blog??!!

charmedcookie said...

fuiyoh...i can't believe u actually wrote from 1 to 100!