May 09, 2005


Have you ever had one of those days when things were not good, and the bad ones just keep crashing down on you? It just comes to the point where you go, "Oh for the love of me, what else could go wrong??!!"

That was how today was for me. The day definitely did NOT start off well (my first words of the day were pretty foul, and I hate that, because this means that it was NOT a good sign of good things to come for the day). Plus I didn't get enough sleep, so driving to work so early in the morning definitely was a challenge.

I was a bundle of nerves today. Something which I wanted to happen almost did not materialise, and I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't function properly and I couldn't think straight. Midday, I asked the good Lord for wisdom to do the right thing. In the afternoon, everything finally became normal again.

Sometimes I think that I've grown up in many ways, and yet other times, I realised I still have so much to learn. Like learning to be calm in times of chaos and trouble (I often just press the PANIC button). Learning to ask for help. Learning to be brave. And learning to accept things that you cannot change.

Sigh. Lessons in life indeed.

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