May 06, 2005

Mother's Day Around the Corner

Cousin J reminded me of Mother's Day this coming Sunday. Damnit. Totally forgot about it. I bought Mumsy very lovely, but totally useless Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries last year, as in her own words "Aiya... so pretty, how to use?". They're still sitting in her cupboard, unopened.

Just what do you get for mummy dearest on Mother's Day? First of all, it's got to be thoughtful. Flowers are lovely, but come on, they die after a week or two, and that's money down the drain. Perfume? She'll probably hate the stuff you get her, as she's so used to her Dior's Poison, or her Chanel No. 5, which, in my opinion, are strong enough to choke a cat. A VCR player? Hah...I can imagine Mumsy trying to play a video cassette on the VCR, let alone learn how to program the darn thing. A card's a nice and thoughtful gesture, which you can use to write your own thoughts to your beloved mother. She thinks "Heck, she's earning quite a bit now, and all I get is a bloomin' card?"

Sigh. Methinks I'll treat Mumsy to a lovely meal on Sunday. That is, if the freeloaders* don't start comin' around.


*Second auntie, third uncle, fourth cousin twice removed.


Adrian said...

They always keep keep keep. Me too. I've this lovely pair of bear shaped soap, gotten from someone dear to me in the past, which I'll probably never use.

Getting people food is the best. Lest it spoils, they'll eat it at least...

Albert said...

A credit card for her with you pickign up the tabs would be jusssssttt fineee