May 25, 2005

Video Killed the Radio Star

Oh dear. My turn to get tagged by Adrian.
Here goes:

Total volume of music on my computer: Err...none, sadly. Most of my music are in my home office’s computer (5GB there). I do have 4GB of music in my iPod Mini.

The last CD I bought was:
大切な人 (Taisetsuna hito) by
植村花菜 (Uemura Hana)

Song playing right now: Dream a Dream (Elysium) by Charlotte Church

Five songs that mean a lot to me:

  • Somewhere Out There by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram
  • Meguriai by Chage & Aska
  • We Are The Reason by Avalon
  • It Might Be You by Stephen Bishop
  • Sealed With A Kiss by Jason Donovan

Three* people I am passing this on to:

  • Charmedcookie because she hardly blogs, thus giving me nothing much to read (girl, your pages are bare!)
  • Evanescent because you have waaaay too much stuff on your blogs (keep 'em coming though!), and one more wouldn't hurt :)
  • Swordlessknight (whose shall remain anonymous - you know who you are) because I think he should at least write something in his blog.

Just quote and fill in the details as above.

* It was originally supposed to be sent to five people, but I only personally knew three people who blog, so there.


charmedcookie said...

I don't have a laptop that I can spend time typing for my blog like "some ppl" lah...

Tine said...

Hey, I did this at the office. Mah dear, if you can email us at the office, you sure as heck can blog :p

beetrice said...

SUPPORT!! SUPPORT!! hahaa.... ;) come on girl, you know you have the time to...