May 18, 2005

Back in Japan

Well, I'm finally back in Japan, after 2 months of "rest" at home. The weather's been good so far. Spring slowly drifting away; the temperature's much warmer now. Still, it's lovely being outside in the cool weather (NOT in the afternoon though - it can be over 25C!). Wheat is being planted in every available piece of land, no matter big or small, in Takasaki. Soon, the mosquitoes will come. Damnit.

Work is okay. Doing more here than I did back home. The last two months have been deadwood for me. More motivated to work here. Probably because I'm in the midst of workoholic Jappies. Still, I make sure I do not go back late. I use the "there-are-no-street-lamps-on-my-way-back" excuse. It works :)

'Twas good to see my Japanese friends again. It's going to take a bit of getting used to to talking REAL slowly again. They were thrilled when I gave them *ahem* less-than-genuine Louis Vuitton bags. These bags sell like hotcakes here (original ones, mind you). Sometimes I wonder ... heck, do these Jappies crap money? Seriously, my friend spent almost all of her bonus last year on a Louis Vuitton handbag. Geez!! A friend told me that he saw school girls carrying Coach paperbags (with the original merchandise in it, no doubt) once. Heck, when I was their age, I couldn't even afford bloody Reeboks!!


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beetrice said...

ahahahhahahahhahaa.....neither could i!!! *snort*