December 11, 2007

The Unexpected Wedding Gift

Today I received something which I never expected to get.

A wedding angpow from THE ex.

Ang Pow

I didn't know how to react. It was so strange. I could sense his heavy heart when he handed it over to me. He said that he might as well gave it to me now lest he "forgets".

I knew he was lying.

I remembered the many tears I cried when I gave him one when he got married. In fact, I couldn't even give it to him face-to-face; I had a good friend hand the red packet to him. He never did thank me for that packet. Perhaps he thought it too awkward then.

The amount I received was the exact amount I gave him, including the red packet I gave him when his son was born.

Would this mean that we no longer owe each other anything?

I truly do not know.


Adino said...

This is why I cut off all contact with my ex, even when she found my blog. It's to avoid situations such as this.

I don't know, but it seems to me that he is trying to send a message that you both are heading in separate paths now... and yes you don't owe each other anything.

Jemima said...

What is important is that you have your life with Tim now & your ex has his life with his family.

You've gone separate ways to live separate lives. So be it.

pelf said...

You no longer owe each other anything the moment you broke up.

That's how I see it anyway..

TrueBluePenangite said...

My ex Jackson Goh and I don't owe each other anything ROTFLMAO!!!

You know what? Now you have something really, really important...closure.

You can now really concentrate on the new chapters of your life now. And let bygones, be bygones.

pablopabla said...

Let the past be the past. Your future is now with Tim :D

May said...

What? He married and had a kid?? We talking bout the same ex here?

Well, I think it shows alot of courage from both ends to be able to do that. If i saw my ex, I'd probably kick him in the groin, and when he's down, knee him in the voice box.

You seen that show the break up? Such civil ending. Well, i guess that's the least you can do when no cheating was involved.

yes..still burnt...

Kleio the Muse said...

Tis hard. I understand. But, it is better this way.

If we don't let go of old things, how are we gonna enjoy getting new ones. You've got a great and better catch right now, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tim's a real handsome one, don't worry about the ex.

tihtahpah said...

interesting....was he invited to the wedding?